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Create the perfect black background for your Lightboard videos with these matte black backdrop panels. Easily fit the backdrop in a configuration that best fits your studio by attaching each panel, side by side, using two hanging strips. You can remove the strips cleanly and damage-free to keep your office walls intact. The backdrop space-saving design uses less valuable office space and lets you set up your studio in smaller places.

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Lightboard Studio Black Backdrop

We’ve designed this innovative backdrop product, unique to Lightboard Studio, to make it easier for you to create the perfect background for your Lightboard videos.

lightboard backdrop demonstration with backdrop in normal light conditions above and backdrop invisible with correct camera settings on bottom

Achieve true black in your videos

The matte black surface of the panels prevents light glare and other distractions. After you have configured the camera settings, the panel edges become invisible to the camera. This creates that ‘true black’ background for your videos that help your audience focus on you and your drawings.

View our guide on how to set up a Lightboard studio to learn how to correctly configure your camera settings to record Lightboard videos.

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5 Advantages of using our Lightboard backdrop

  1. 1

    Matte black finish that absorbs light
    Easily get a ‘true black’ background in your Lightboard videos. The matte surface absorbs light and is easily hidden on camera once you turn your camera brightness setting down.

  2. 2

    Absorbs sound to prevent echo from the wall behind you
    The foam density of the backdrop not only absorbs light but also sound as well. This reduces any echo that is being picked up by your microphone, making your videos sound better and your voice clearer.

  3. 3

    Custom configuration and backdrop size
    Choose how big your backdrop should be and install the correct amount that best fits your studio space. We supply enough panels for an extra-large backdrop.

  4. 4

    Easily remove the panels without damaging walls
    The wall hangers used to mount the backdrop panels can be removed cleanly and without damaging your office walls. Wall hangers are single-use, so please contact Lightboard Studio to order more replacement wall hangers if you need them.

  5. 5

    Save valuable office space
    No heavy and bulky frame, draping fabrics or large stands. These backdrop panels are designed to save space and keep your Lightboard studio minimal.

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