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Quartet neon dry-erase paint markers are the most popular pen markers among Lightboard users. Each pen contains a generous amount of neon fluid, and the pen marketings are lit up brightly on the Lightboard and can be easily removed with our squeegee.

Each set contains four different pen colours to let you differentiate your drawings. These colours include pink, yellow, green and blue pens.

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Assorted Quartet pens

Using the right pens for your Lightboard is essential to aid your writing and ensure your drawings are brightly lit up on the board.

These Quartet pens have proven popular with the Lightboard community because of how well they work with Lightboards. Each pen features a fine-tip point to deliver thin lines for detailed drawing on the board, and specialist ink delivers a bold colour that is then brightly lit up. Pens include an ink gauge, so you know how much ink is left.

Your writing from the dry-erase markers can be easily removed using water, and our commercial squeegee, to keep your Lightboard clean and easy to maintain.

A person drawing on a lightboard

Made for Lightboard

An example of the Quartet pens in use on one of our Lightboards. The different pen colours help you present different concepts, ideas or sections in your drawings.

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Weight 0.082 kg
Dimensions 6 × 5 × 0.94 cm

AP certified (non-toxic substance)


Assorted (pink, yellow, green and blue)

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