Lightboard Classic (72″)


Start recording full-length high-definition videos or present live seminars with one of our largest Lightboards. The high transparency of the specialized low-iron glass illuminates your writing brightly and with a clear glow that will make every one of your videos or presentations standout.

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To help support you, we are giving free on-site or virtual training and setup at no extra cost with every Lightboard purchase so that you get the most from your new Lightboard studio.

Introducing the Lightboard Classic

Capture all your ideas on one recording with the Lightboard Classic’s impressive 60 x 45 inches wide glass panel. This is the optimal length that provides plenty of surface area for you to write on while keeping you, the presenter, looking natural and in focus on your recordings.

Your writing is brightly lit up on the glass because of its low-iron and tempered glass properties that absorbs a greater amount of light generated from the ultra-bright LEDs that surround your frame.

With tempered glass, you never have to worry about scratches or imperfections that accumulate quickly and plagues the cheaper and low-value alternatives, like acrylic or clear glass.

Face your audience

Your illustrations and drawings ‘Glow’

Create engaging videos

Quick-to-make videos that look professional

No editing required

Minimal videography or editing skills required

Package includes

  • Lightboard Classic (see product details)
  • Lightboard light controller with six brightness levels
  • User guide
  • Professional-grade streak-free squeegee
  • Premium foaming glass cleaner
  • Set of 4 Neon Quartet dry-erase paint markers (pink, yellow, green, and blue)

lightboard panels stacked on one another

Specialized architectural glass

All our Lightboards use thick 10mm low-iron architectural glass for it’s greater transparency and durability for an astonishing glow on the board.

Writing glows brightly


Resistant to scratches

We never settle for lower quality glass like acrylic or ‘clear glass’. This is because acrylic is a weak material and scratches easily (requiring frequent treatment that demands a significant amount of manual labour and expensive products to fix) while clear-glass has lower transparency that results in dimmer writing and quality of your videos. This is why we only use low-iron architectural glass in our Lightboards.

lightboard video glass demonstration

Achieve true black in your videos

The specialized low-iron architectural glass and the ultra-bright LED system within your Lightboard will illuminate your designs. This enables you to turn down the brightness setting on your recording device to remove unwanted marks that show up on the board, while you and your writing remains highly visible to the camera. The backdrop, smudges, cleared pen markings, fingerprints, and other marks on the board you don’t want to show up on your video can be removed with no effort and make your videos look professional every time.

Built for compact spaces

Maximise the space in your office for your Lightboard Studio with the Lightboard’s sleek design. The slimline design is also made extremely durable from the reinforced carbon-steel construction, so the Lightboard firmly holds its position and withstands the pressure you apply during your recordings. The four mounted casters (that are lockable in place) also enable you to push and pull the Lightboard to any part of the office for easy setup and storage.

A person drawing on a lightboard

A person drawing on a lightboard

A stackable frame

Are you looking to expand your studio space or adding additional collaborators to your videos? Our frames fit side by side to expand the size of the overall recording area. The side of the frame provides a subtle visual divider for your audience that is perfect to separate your content during a recording.

Get expert training

Accelerate your Lightboard implementation with extra support from one of our Lightboard experts. Your training session will cover:

  • How to set up your Lightboard Studio
  • How to correctly set up your recording equipment
  • Learn how to overlay graphics, text and more
  • Ways to edit your Lightboard videos
  • A run-through of your first Lightboard video
  • And more

See all the ways that our on-site or virtual training can help you get started.

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A person drawing on a Lightboard

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Additional information

Weight 58 kg
Dimensions 153 × 89 × 198 cm
Dimensions (inches)

60 1/2 × 35 × 78 inches

Glass Thickness

10 mm

Glass Type

Low-iron architectural starphire ultra-clear™ glass

Frame Material

Premium carbon steel

Frame Colour


Embedded Lighting

225 x ultra-bright LEDs, 6500K (white)

Lighting Control

Corded LED control unit, detachable from frame, dimmable switch


4 x floor-protecting 3 inch soft rubber casters, equipped with individual side brakes

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